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Equatorial Guinea tourist and car hire information

Equatorial Guinea is a country in middle of Africa known officially as the Republic Of Equatorial Guinea. The country has two parts;

  • A continental region referred to as Río Muni that comprises of several small size offshore Islands that include Elobey Grande, Corisco and Elobey Chico.
  • An Insular region that comprise of Bioko Island, Annobón Island where the country’s capital Malabo is situated.

What are some of the entry requirements foreigners should meet?

It is mandatory to hold a passport to enter the country. It must have a minimum validity of six months from the specific day you enter Equatorial Guinea. British nationals will require visas too to enter the country. Ensure your passport gets properly stamped and endorsed on arrival.

Do I have a choice of ground transport options?

Equatorial Guinea comprises of both mainland territory and a couple of Islands. This means the form of transport you choose will depend on where you are. If you would like to travel on the mainland, there are plenty of travel options like car rental, buses, taxis and trains. Ferries are ideal when moving from one Island to the other.

Taxis are convenient forms of transport in Equatorial Guinea, but they have a shortcoming in that they can be expensive.

Car Rental in Equatorial Guinea

If you would like to tour a couple of destinations, rent a car. There are many car rental companies providing cheap car hire services in the country.

Can I drive in Equatorial Guinea?

If you have opted to go with the car rental option, you won’t experience a lot of trouble when driving because most of the roads in the major cities are in reasonable condition. If you would like to go to native Equatorial Guinea, you must rent a powerful vehicle especially during the rainy season. Another thing to know is that you might encounter a few military roadblocks. The soldiers in most cases do not understand French or English, and it is best to know a few Spanish words. Alternatively have the reason of being in the country or your itinerary written down in French.

What’s the country’s official language?

The official language of Equatorial Guinea is Spanish. French and Portuguese are also widely spoken in the country. Its currency is known as CFA Franc (Communauté Financière Africaine). The country is a cash-only economy; checks and credit cards are not accepted. ATMs are not available either, and traveler’s checks are rarely accepted.

Tourist attractions in Equatorial Guinea

There is plenty to see in this country. Again, it has both islands and mainland territory, meaning you are going to get a blend of all.


It is another stunning city in Equatorial Guinea. It lies opposite Malabo, and it is surrounded by picturesque white sandy beaches. The city also boasts attractive Spanish colonial buildings.


This is a lesser known small city in Equatorial Guinea. If you would like to taste outstanding seafood, rent a car and travel the 40 kilometers or so from the capital city Malabo. There are also irresistible white beaches in the city.

Your choice destination is going to depend on your taste and preference. If you love the water, bask in the many beaches available and engage in the many available water sports.

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